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The rapidly increasing expense of long term care services may be the most important age-related challenge facing all of us.

Research by Conning & Company shows that 60% of people who reach age 65 will require long term care at some time in their lives. If we extend the Conning & Company study a bit to include the odds that either person in a couple or spousal situation will need long term care, the odds increase dramatically.

Without careful planning, the high cost of long term care services (which currently average about $200. per day or $6,000. per month) could easily deplete your nest egg, no matter how much you've saved.

Unfortunately, Medicare generally does not cover expenses for long term care. Spending down ones assets to qualify for Medicaid is an extremely unpleasant option.

Why Should I Consider Maryland Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance (LTCI) ultimately will provide you or your loved ones the financial resources to participate in choosing the type and location of care that best meets your personal needs without spending down your assets. Newer Maryland State approved "Partnership" compatible policies will provide dollar for dollar asset protection.

Long term care insurance can help cover the cost of the necessary care you receive at home from nurses' aides, home health professionals and therapists. It can help cover services in an assisted living facility and, if you require skilled or custodial care, nursing home expenses will also be covered. Simply put, a good long term care plan allows you to maintain control of the services received, and most importantly, where they are received and who provides them.

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