Maryland Small Group Health Insurance

Maryland small group health insurance plans are available to groups with a minimum of 2 fulltime employees or business owners. Health insurance carriers generally require 75% of all eligible employees to enroll. However, if an employee already has group health insurance through their spouse, or is on Medicare then that employee can be waived without affecting the group participation requirement.

We specialize in working with small and closely held groups, often under 5 or 10 employees.

An important advantage of a small group health plan is that coverage is guaranteed to all members of the group regardless of their current health status. Group life, disability, and dental coverage can be included with a new, or added to an existing plan.


Made possible by Section 125 of the IRS code, provisions can be implemented that offer employers the ability to save additional taxes on their group benefit plans and provide employees the ability to pay out-of-pocket premiums for dependent coverage before taxes!

Simply send us a message your group size and contact information. We will be happy to shop your health coverage from a variety of well known, highly rated companies and plans.